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‘From attic to industry leader’

Voiceworks was originally founded in 2005 by a couple of guys who believed telco could be done better. Over the years Voiceworks established strong partnerships and together achieved amazing results. Today we are expanding our footprint in Europe as part of Enreach. Entrepreneurship, vision, and guts are what drives us to this day.

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One of the largest in the Netherlands

Voiceworks has grown to become one of the largest players in the Dutch Telco and IT industries. We design and develop innovative communication and collaboration solutions, which our partners supply to SMEs. Our primary goal is to strengthen our partners with innovative services that allow them to grow their business.

Our people set the tone

Over 350 colleagues are daily committed to making a difference for our partners. We have been doing this with the same level of passion, entrepreneurship and dedication for almost 15 years. We always seek new opportunities in the market together with our partners. Such as helping them set up an online lead generation campaign.

Moments we are proud of

Voiceworks has received industry recognition with multiple awards over the years, such as Deloitte Fast 50, FD Gazellen, and Onderneming van het Jaar (“business of the year”). A recognition for the hard work and dedication for our partners.

European Growth

Voiceworks is part of the Enreach. All organisations within the group contribute to intelligent, integrated ICT and communications solutions for the business market. Enreach serves over 1650 resellers and 2 million end-customers with activities in 25 countries. Over 750 employees ensure that Enreach is able to realise its ambition: to become the Unified Communications champion of Europe.

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2000 - 2004

In 2000, Koen van Geffen and Stijn Nijhuis got the idea to start a company from an attic. After some initial dealings including web app development, they met Egbert de Groot. Together, they decided to turn the company into a private hosting company in 2003. A leap into the unknown, because they were one of the first to take this step. It turned out to be the beginning of the continuous innovation that would be characteristic for their operations from there on in.


Strengthened by the commercial success of VoIP abroad, it was decided in 2005 to start a new company that would conquer this market in the Netherlands. This required sales acumen, which they found in Ruud van der Aar. And so it finally happened: Voiceworks was born. Time for a new building to reinforce the ambitions – a wise decision as the company grew exponentially. In part because Voiceworks was the first company that made VoIP available to SMEs through resellers and wholesalers.


In the years that followed, Voiceworks grew. Not only in terms of employees and revenue, but also in new solutions. For example, we created Voice Connect, offering the unique proposition of VoIP functionality through your own PBX. Voiceworks offered internet connectivity as well. It was not long before mobile was added. To manage everything efficiently, in 2006 Voiceworks developed the all-in-one platform called Operator for invoicing and customer management. To date still a unique platform for resellers and wholesalers.

2019 en verder

Currently we serve over 2 million end-customers in Europe through all our labels and are paving the way to becoming a large player in the European Telco and ICT markets. No-one knows what the future holds, but we are sure of one thing: setting the tone for European markets. Now and in years to come.

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