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05 February 2019

The main benefits for the client

  • All telephony solutions (office and contact centre) under one roof
  • Huge reachability and flexibility improvement
  • Considerable cost savings due to the elimination of service and maintenance contracts
  • Optimal reachability through landlines both internally and externally
  • Considerable savings due to flexibility VANAD ALOHA in view of peak hours
  • Much quicker processing of incoming calls due to skill-based routing

The challenge

ENO Zorgverzekeraar has been operating in the Netherlands since 1860 and has grown into an organisation with over 300 employees.



Contact centre & Office telephony

A lot of companies with a customer contact centre are dealing with the familiar problem of not having their office telephony (through PBX or Cloud) integrated with the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre always turns out to be completely stand-alone solution outside the scope of office telephony

ENO wanted to change that by implementing a solution that provides the entire office with telephony through the cloud, including the contact centre. At moments of low contact centre traffic, its employees would not be able to switch to other tasks in combination with telephony for internal/external voice traffic.

In addition, three brands (Salland, HollandZorg and Zorgdirect) all need to be processed separately by the same contact centre empl

oyees. Because this currently requires constant manual operation, it would be great to find a solution.


Call forwarding among themselves

Due to individual differences between agents (experience, specialisation), calls are regularly forwarded or terminated because the customer doesn’t end up with the right agent. ENO wanted to implement a system that would allow customers to be connected to an agent more quickly, able to provide a direct answer to his/her question.

High costs & maintenance contracts Customer Contact Centre

They did not want to invest in a new contact centre. The associated one-time investment is very high or the costs per seat are fixed and also pricey on a monthly basis. Such environments are often not very flexible especially considering the desire to have the same people work 3 brands.

The Solution

  • 30 Flexible Contact Centre seats (charged per month, average occupancy)
  • 250 Managed Voice users (telephony in the cloud)
  • 20 Managed UC users (unified communications in the cloud)
  • 500 Telephone numbers

Contact Centre/Office reachability

Voicedata immediately ported the client to Managed Voice and all users were assigned a fixed telephone number, opening up their availability to external callers as well. Because of Managed Voice, every employee is reachable through an internal number and a fixed telephone number, optimising the employees’ reachability including for the Contact Centre agents.

With VANAD Aloha, customer contact is automated, optimised, made more insightful and measurable. Real-time insights allow ENO to focus on certain KPIs such as service level, average handling time, occupancy, etc. VANAD Aloha has provided more insight into the activities of customer contact staff and improves the focus on agent performance.

Calls are presented to Contact Centre agents automatically regardless of the brand and phone number. The Desktop view always provides the agent with all information relevant to the call. This helps eliminate error margins and facilitates optimal customer care.

VANAD Aloha’s forecasting capabilities allow for end-clients to be connected more quickly and dramatically reduce waiting times as more agents are deployed when necessary.

Skill-based routing

Skill-based routing was implemented which means ENO’s clients are routed to the best equipped agent to provide him/her with the required information. This improves the customer experience. VANAD Aloha also offers ENO customer satisfaction survey functionality: once a call has ended, the caller/end-client is asked to indicate how they have experienced the service. This adds reviews to each agent plus it provides management with proper insight into the distribution of skills among the pool of agents.


Several savings were achieved with Voicedata’s Managed Voice solution. Of course, monthly costs were cut (compared to ISDN), and using VANAD ALOHA as an add-on to the system doesn’t just make for a seamless integration, but it also consolidates 2 separate environments into a single centralised solution. Mutual costs and service contracts were cut in half as a result.

VANAD ALOHA offers a flexible pricing model for Contact Centre solutions and ENO is simply paying per use. This eliminates extra costs (One-time or moment-specific) of deploying additional agents during peak hours. VANAD ALOHA also registers and predicts peak hours. This allows for ENO employees to be deployed much more efficiently, which has a positive financial effect.

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