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11 February 2019

The greatest benefits for the client

  • Improvements and savings achieved all at once.
  • Uniform working method across all branches.
  • Major cost saving accomplished.
  • Improved reachability for their customers.

A huge implementation of hosted solutions in daycare centres with over 150 locations and over 1,000 employees. The elimination of a huge bulk of unnecessary IT solutions resulted in a huge cost saving. A welcome bonus!

The Challenge

Kids First is an organisation for daycare, after-school care and kindergarten in the Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe region. With 72 kindergartens, 26 daycare centres and 31 after-school care locations, this is one of the major organisations of its kind in the region.
Kiddoozz also offers child care, after-school care and kindergarten but operates in the Rotterdam region. With 15 daycare centres, 20 after-school care locations and 3 kindergartens, Kiddoozz is well-represented in the region.
There is a total of around 500 groups where the children between the ages of 0 and 12 are cared for. The organisation employs around 600 staff. Many new branches are scheduled to open next year and the number of employees will increase by around 100.
IT is not the core business of a daycare organisation. As a result, these organisations have always been neglecting it. Indeed, the infrastructure turned out to be an amalgam of different solutions. One branch had a KPN internet line, another had an XS4ALL all-in-one package and yet another was still using ISDN lines for their telephony. Many branches arranged for these facilities themselves which explains the plethora of solutions. The result is that opportunities for collaboration are left untouched and economy of scale is not optimised. It was time for action, and Feka began a major clean-up. The goal: optimise economies of scale and create a scalable, flexible and affordable infrastructure.

The solution

Kids First approached Feka to ensure a univocal approach for the entire IT environment. We installed the same Voiceworks lines at all branches with telephony, internet and Wi-Fi. The benefit is that we are able to create identical set-ups, plus the IP-based system allows for centralised control. The headquarters in Groningen, Grou and Rotterdam will function as control centres.

Managed Voice greatly improves the efficiency of telephone traffic. This in turn benefits the company’s reachability. All telephone traffic comes in at the three headquarters where options menus and queues were implemented. As a result, reachability is guaranteed and we make sure that customers are forwarded to the correct employee straight away which increases customer satisfaction. A q-board provides insight into telephone traffic and queues, and alerts headquarters staff of incoming telephone traffic.
It is important to mention that the costs have been reduced considerably due to the cancellation of (many!) obsolete lines. So in addition to efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, a considerable cost reduction was achieved as well.

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