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05 February 2019

Key-Factor provides remote office-support. Such as office support, secretarial services and commercial back-office support. Reachability is mission critical for Key-Factor and VelzArt managed to supply a fully redundant system. They were connected to a cloud-controlled router which virtually eliminates outage.

The challenge

Key-Factor is an innovative specialist in remote office support. We are the dedicated secretary, also known as office assistant/commercial staff, of our customers. We aptly support large and small(er) companies with our professional telephone service with fully fledged office support, secretarial services and commercial back-office support. We operate from our office in Opijnen (near Waardenburg/Zaltbommel, 5 min. away from A2/A15).

We are proud of our client portfolio which includes a lot of real-estate agents, paramedical practices and various other SME companies. In addition, a number of large (international) companies are regular customers of ours.
Key-Factor unburdens companies with virtual office support. Professional, flexible and reliable. With innovative technology and smart processes, your reachability is guaranteed and you are unburdened in a practical way. From large companies where we virtually staff the front desk to small entrepreneurs who enjoy our secretarial support: Key-Factor’s services are unique and professional. You become care-free and organised all at once.

VelzArt / OVOCOM is the remedy when it comes to connecting these services. Telephony, internet and cloud alike.

The solution

VelzArt / OVOCOM has completely transitioned Key-Factor to our new voice platform. Because Key-Factor runs a complete environment in Operator Online for over 75 customers, we visualised it using a call flow diagram. This gives Key-Factor’s employees insight into the situation and enables them to look it up and discuss it with their customer. It is a lot of fun to be able to meet all the client’s wishes!

With Key-Factor, VelzArt has invested in new technology and a fully reliable environment. Key-Factor is connected redundantly with a fully Cloud-controlled router which virtually eliminates outages, and discussions have begun about integrating mobile and UC as well. This client has so much technology and potential that they are able to maintain a high profile as a market player.

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