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05 February 2019

The main benefits for the client

Koskamp’s new environment makes for a major step forward. The new infrastructure is fully geared towards today’s requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability and effectiveness.
05 February 2019

Koskamp’s new environment makes for a major step forward. The new infrastructure is fully geared towards today’s requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability and effectiveness.
Full integration of all applications eases the process of collecting and exchanging data. Employees have access to up-to-date data at all times which enables them to do a better job. Everyone has direct access to the information he or she needs. This provides all kinds of potential benefits: better communication, smarter collaboration and increased productivity. There is no better way to guarantee the quality of the service and the success of the organisation.

The platform can be expanded in the future. Shared data can be easily stored and consolidated into management reports concerning all kinds of relevant developments: customer demand trends, call centre load or order processing times. An excellent tool for improving and fine-tuning operational processes.
All covered by a single invoice and supported by a single point of contact. The customer always knows where to turn to.

The customer

The Koskamp family business supplies an elaborate range of parts for the automotive industry: car parts, tires, tools, license plates, liquids of all renowned brands and various private labels. Always the right product at the right time and place at a very competitive price. For 45 years now.

The company has changed considerably over the decades. Online orders are on the rise, as well as by telephone. There is a call centre over at the headquarters in Den Ham where all telephone orders are processed. The company also has its own delivery service. It ensures that all orders are delivered within hours. Koskamp has several warehouses across the country and employs over 300 staff. This makes the company an important trendsetter in the automotive industry.
The company aspires to consolidate and expand this position in the future. Quite the challenge considering all the technical developments and innovations playing out in the automotive industry.

The challenge

Koskamp’s IT infrastructure was no longer in line with the requirements of a modern operation in terms of performance, flexibility and user-friendliness. As is often the case, the infrastructure has been growing along with the company organically and has been expanded over time. The system worked just fine, but a good overview of all components and their mutual dependencies was lacking. This made implementing changes in the infrastructure without breaking anything else very complex. Koskamp asked DenCom to think about a good solution for upgrading the switchboards to a flexible, scalable solution capable of supporting further growth of the company.

It was clear that drastic measures were required. The complexity of the environment made it impossible to simply replace the switchboards. The risk would be too great. Reachability is vital for a company like Koskamp. A closed door costs customers. We wanted to prevent that from happening. It was an important task to ensure that daily activities would be able to continue throughout the migration project. Customers and employees alike should be completely unaffected!

It was clear from the beginning that we would not be able to achieve this goal by ourselves. We would need the help of the client, our suppliers and partners. A good end-result could only be achieved by their deep involvement in the project. Success is always a matter of teamwork.

The solution

A plan was drafted for a safe and structured migration, allowing the company to grow into a new, future-oriented platform in stages. The details of the plan would be completed along the way but the main outlines were determined at an early stage. Firstly, a stable foundation was created for telephony. In order to get to know the existing network, we began performing minor maintenance on the existing Avaya switchboard. Then we were able to focus on upgrading the switchboards, implementing new call centre software and optimising the emergency location to ensure business continuity even during outages. Once the fixed telephony was running smoothly, we took over the entire mobile fleet. All mobile connections were prepared for full integration into Avaya IP Office. This has many benefits in terms of reachability and monitoring. A distinguishing feature of this service is that it is completely app-free, making it suitable for non-smartphones. Acceptance among users is no longer an issue because they don’t need to adapt their behaviour to the technology.
Next, a complete migration was conducted of the existing internet connections to High Available Internet Access, considerably improving the availability of all systems. It goes without saying that the ISDN telephone lines were converted to SIP trunks, once again using High Available Internet Access technology.

Koskamp has 10 locations in addition to their headquarters. All locations were connected through KPN-One, but were converted to a new IP-VPN solution using fibreglass, VSDL, ADSL and SDSL.bis technology. The 4G backup facility will be activated later this year. All separate telephony solutions were completely replaced by the switchboard of the headquarters. The branches make use of mobile telephony as described earlier.

Part of the migration process for all connections was to replace and standardise the LAN and Wi-Fi equipment in all locations to Avaya networking (now part of Extreme Networks). The benefit is that the Wi-Fi network is managed in the cloud which means you can access and play around with setting anywhere and at all times. And imagine this: when your employees move from location A to location B, their Wi-Fi “roams” along with them. No more manual application of settings. The settings and security are always up-to-date!

Finally, we focused on fine-tuning the environment and adding fancy features. Something we are very proud of is the link between the Avaya switchboard and the Koskamp CRM system. This involves a very smart link. When a call comes in, the system immediately identifies whether or not the number is already in the CRM. If so, the caller is forwarded to the correct department/person and an order screen is presented right away. This increases efficiency and customer satisfaction because the customer is connected to the correct person right away. in the background and automatically. Customers won’t notice a thing.

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