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05 February 2019

This end-client is one of the major dental practice chains in the Netherlands. Supracom has set up the telephony of this chain of dental practices based on Managed Voice. This allows them to manage a lot of things on their own. This might even constitute the largest Hosted Voice implementation within the dental industry.

The Challenge

The chain consists of over 60 dental practices which makes it one of the largest dental practice chains in the Netherlands. The IT department of this chain asked Supracom to set up the new headquarters’ telephony system based on Managed Voice. The internal IT service desk has been using Managed Voice for a while. They are very happy because it allows them to manage a lot of technical matters themselves. The IT department also maintains control of their own practices through the dealer construction. Currently there are 4, hopefully this number will grow in the future.

All workstations are fitted with a Yealink SIP-T48S device and 6 meeting rooms were fitted with a Yealink CP860 conference phone.

Ion addition, this dental practice chain wants to offer its employees a flexible internal service desk for substantive questions about declarations, authorisations and other financial matters. This was accomplished by creating a central queue. Assistants with the right experience can sign in from their own practice. Incoming calls are equally distributed among these employees.

The solution

Complete Managed Voice, with Lite extensions for the meeting rooms, Contact Connect for the 4 dental practices with a connection to the “Exquise” CRM package.

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