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05 February 2019

The main benefits for the client

  • Huge time-savings in telephony and internet administration.
  • Can be configured daily, ultimate flexibility.
  • All costs for all locations conveniently listed in a single invoice.
  • Optimal landline reachability both internally and externally across 220 locations.
  • Considerable internet and telephony cost savings.
  • Kept the investment for the new telephony solution as low as possible.
  • A single login for online administration for all location.

The challenge

Wibra is a retail chain with over 200 locations in the Netherlands, a large warehouse in Vaassen and their headquarters in Epe. All store locations in the Netherlands were fitted with a separate PBX, an ISDN connection and legacy DECT equipment. As a result, no redundancy was in place to cover for local outages which was being experienced as a nuisance. Plus, the high costs were a thorn in their side. Something needed to change. But how to approach such a thing?

They were interested in switching to VoiP. However, this would require them to invest in a separate internet connection due to the phasing-out of ISDN in 2019. Combined with the required investment in new hardware and VoiP connections, the total cost of such an endeavour would be huge. The estimated investment per location was around € 600 excl. VAT plus € 40 excl. VAT per month. This would amount to a total cost of € 132,000 excl. VAT + € 105,600 excl. in subscriptions for the first year. Totalling € 215,600 excl. VAT. The 5-year TCO would amount to a total investment of € 554,400 excl. VAT. Plus the implementation would take around 2 months. This can be done faster and at much lower cost!

The solution

Voicedata mapped Wibra’s needs and issued a proposal. With the following result:

  • 215 Managed Mobile Free users (fixed-mobile integration)
  • 220 Managed Voice users
  • 214 Nokia 150 devices

Wibra was transitioned to Managed Mobile and Managed Voice. This replaced the old ISDN connections which eliminated the need for investments in new hardware and internet connections. All locations are reachable on landlines through the GSM network of the mobile devices. Calls between the various locations are completely free and incoming calls on the landlines are free as well. When location A experiences an outage, traffic is automatically routed to headquarters or one of the other branches. This guarantees telephone availability.

The implementation – 1 day – 2-week schedule

Best of all is the quick and seamless transition. All 220 locations were fully transitioned within 2 weeks. As a result of perfect planning in collaboration with Wibra’s IT department and sophisticated pre-configuration, all routings were ready to go one week before porting was scheduled. On the day of porting, all locations went live at once – without any downtime whatsoever!


Thanks to the use of Managed Mobile, fixed-mobile integration via the GSM network through the SIM card, Wibra is no longer dependent on the type of connection available on-site. They are no longer dependent on the local infrastructure and barely need to invest per branch. The absence of active equipment virtually eliminates the risk of on-site outage which makes a huge difference. And installation activities cause no on-site disturbance. Plus, a location can be made operational within a single working day.
Wibra how has a single centralised portal for managing the telephony of all its branches instead of a separate PBX in each location. All subscriptions can be cancelled or modified per month which makes this solution flexible and scalable. Wibra is once again future-proof.

Financially appealing

The total investment for Wibra amounted to € 4,400 excl. VAT for mobile devices, € 3,850 excl. VAT for number porting and around € 1,100 in implementation costs. This amounts to a total one-off investment of € 9,250 excl. VAT.
The monthly subscription fee totals € 2,860 excl. VAT. This brings the total cost for the first year to € 43,570 excl. VAT. The transition to a fixed-mobile integration saved Wibra over € 5,500 excl. VAT in monthly subscriptions compared to ISDN.
The 5-year TCO amounts to € 180,850 excl. VAT. Over the course of 5 years, the total cost saving amounts to € 373,550 excl. VAT!



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