Cambridge Weight Plan slims down in telecom

Through the guidance of its consultants, people across the World are using Cambridge Weight Plan’s method to lose weight in a responsible, efficient and effective way.  In collaboration with new telecom partner CanConnect and through the use of Voiceworks’ high quality VoIP technology, the Amersfoort-based company has slimmed down its telecom costs and maximised its accessibility. 
“We weren’t satisfied with our former telecom provider,” explains Dick van der Hoeven, Cambridge Weight Plan’s Logistics Manager.  In its search for a new provider, the company’s requirements were clear: “In addition to the good value we expected, we wanted to deal with a smaller provider. We were looking for a company which would interact with us on a personal level and provide a high quality of customer service.”   

Speaking the client’s language

Another important requirement for van der Hoeven in selecting a new telecom partner was the company’s ability to communicate clearly with his own organisation, “We aren’t ICT specialists and we expect our partners to consider that.” CanConnect, located in Bilthoven, was chosen by Cambridge Weight Plan as its new telecom provider and their collaboration began three years ago when CanConnect acquired Cambridge Weight Plan’s mobile subscriptions. This was quickly followed by the replacement of the existing central switchboard with a hosted platform. “This, in combination with a glass fibre connection, allowed us to make calls via the internet (VOIP).  Because all our employees use the same telephone network, all communication between colleagues is free. That saves us a lot of money, especially when taking into account calls to and from our offices in Belgium.”

Fixed-mobile integration
The integration of fixed and mobile telephony has recently been completed. “Our workplaces are relatively flexible. So we prefer a system which ensures that our employees are always reachable without having to depend on call forwarding. Our employees also use a custom availability app to fine-tune their own accessibility options.”  Van der Hoeven is extremely satisfied with the collaboration with CanConnect. “We were one of CanConnect’s first clients. Naturally, that means that there were a few ‘teething problems’, but they were quickly resolved. We are more than happy with the quality of the support we receive and the services we use. We are still calling using the KPN network, which guarantees quality.”

More flexibility

In addition to the financial benefits, van der Hoeven is most satisfied with the increased flexibility of the revamped telecom infrastructure. “Without CanConnect’s assistance, we can easily activate and disable a number of telephone options, such as the overseas calling options.” Although, not all available functions are currently in use: “We could, for example, easily set up a voice response system but it is more important to us that our consultants are put through to our receptionist directly.” The Logistics Manager is also looking into the possibility of expending Cambridge Weight Plan’s telecom network to include all 400 consultants. “Then they can also call free of charge.”  
“As we are still in a transitional phase, it is not yet clear exactly how much we have saved on costs. However, we are expecting it to be a substantial figure.” Through the use of specialised software, van der Hoeven can closely monitor the company’s telecom costs. "That is especially useful!"

Reliable solutions

CanConnect had already worked with Voiceworks prior to reconfiguring Cambridge Weight Plan’s telecom systems. “Voiceworks’ technology, from Managed Mobile to Managed Voice, is extremely reliable. This is why we have implemented it in Cambridge Weight Plan’s telecom infrastructure. We value our partnership with Voiceworks,” says CanConnect director, Ivo van Herwaarde. “Our input is always taken seriously. We have a relationship wherein we can trust and rely upon each other. As soon as any issues arise, they are dealt with quickly. In this case it is a win-win-win situation, because our clients also benefit.”

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