Voiceworks Mobile: Proud with a 036-number on my truck

Users of fixed-mobile solutions are often SME’s, and also every other company bigger than a SME in terms of size. For Voiceworks these are important target groups. Voiceworks thinks smaller companies should also be able to use FMC. For that reason, the mobile portfolio of Voiceworks is already available from one workstation. Freelancer Eric Dijkslag, who runs his own company as an electrician, is very enthusiastic. "This solution is truly ideal for me. It works perfect."

Freelancer Eric Dijkslag about FMC solution Voiceworks:

With his own company, ‘Eric's installation and maintenance services' , Dijkslag is an electrician in Almere and area. When Voiceworks informed him about the new solution, he saw the benefits immediately. He chose the Voiceworks-bundle Voiceworks Mobile, and now  he is able to make unlimited calls and send text messages in the Netherlands. He has a Data Pack 500 and a Fixed Mobile Pack included, so he can make and receive calls with a fixed number. "There are advantages in many ways," he says. "For example, I was always on the road with two phones, my private and business cell phone. With this solution I only need one phone."

More professional

Dijkslag can be reached by three numbers on this one phone: his private and his business mobile and his business fixed 036-number. When I have to call, I can choose from those three with which number I want to make the call. Especially calling and being called with the 036-number, the area code for Almere, is a huge benefit for him. “This makes my company look more professional. I have put the 036-area code on my business truck in large letters. It is much more professional, particularly when dialing out. Besides this, there are also people, especially elderly, who prefer not to call a 06-number."


Because of the Voiceworks solution, Dijkslag is now able to use a fixed number without needing a fixed installation. I used to have a fixed telephone, but as an electrician I’m always on the road; my car is my office. Since the moment I can call and receive calls with a fixed number, I could get rid of my fixed phone. So it saves costs. The three numbers of Dijkslag are included in one subscription with a corresponding price. Also, everything is mentioned on one invoice. To Dijkslag, this is also a big advantage. It prevents a lot of hassle.


With the accessibility matrix of Voiceworks, Dijkslag can choose at what time of the day he wants to receive calls, by whom and in what way. I choose to be reachable with my private number at daytime as well, but I can change that very easily when I want to. Those possibilities are very interesting for him, but not only for Dijkslag. He notes that electricians who are friends with him are very interested as well. “I often receive questions about it. The word-of-mouth is going automatically, because this is something which is an attractive solution for a lot of freelancers. I know a lot of people who are waiting until their subscription ends, and then they want to have the same as I have."

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