WTC Almere’s telecom infrastructure reaches new heights

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At 120 metres, the World Trade Centre in Almere is the tallest building in Flevoland. This imposing design is also continued inside the high-tech business centre, especially with regard to its extraordinary data and telecom infrastructure. Zeewolde – based firm, Loko IT-specialisten, are responsible for this feat of engineering, which they maintain using solutions provided by Voiceworks.
“In March 2012, we opened a sales office in the WTC,” explains Silvester de Smidt, Account Manager with Loko IT-specialisten. It is indicative of the close collaboration between Loko IT-specialisten and WTC Almere that, when a new rental manager was appointed in early 2013, the WTC immediately requested Loko’s support. “The new manager was aware that simply offering empty square metres for rent had its limitations. He wanted to attract new tenants by offering an all-inclusive arrangement.” This new arrangement included, in addition to mail handling, cleaning and catering services, a stable, well-maintained internet and telephone network. 

Independent bandwidth allocation

"One recognised problem with internet systems in large-scale office buildings is the slow connection speeds, which are usually proportionate to the number of users. This is especially true when dealing with organisations which send and receive large documents, such as design studios.” To avoid this problem, Loko IT-specialisten designed a comprehensive infrastructure to ensure that the internet connections of all businesses were not affected by the usage of others. “We installed a ‘Premium Box’, which is basically a large router which is hooked up to a 500 Mb glass fibre connection and containing 24 individual ports. For each port, we can allocate an individual bandwidth allowance, dependant on the needs of the tenant.” Another major benefit to this solution is that it does not requireextensive addition connections. “Laying new cables and creating new connections is ultimately confusing and causes turmoil in the workplace. Also, in this way, we can control everything centrally.”

Smart Premium Box

Both the tenants and the proprietor are enormously satisfied with the solutions provided by Loko IT-specialisten. "Now the tenants deal with us directly and we have taken over all the work and administration relating to the internet and telephone services. This saves the owner a lot of hassle and gives them the security that everything on our end is arranged; leaving them free to deal with other, core business matters.” The tenants have access to high-quality glass fibre connections for extremely affordable prices. “Above all, the tenants have the assurance that they do not have to share bandwidth with external companies. All tenants are assigned an individual IP address, behind which they can build their own protected network.”
Using this same technology, Loko IT-specialisten also created a public Wi-Fi network. "This is available to guests throughout the ground floor of the WTC, for example in the reception, restaurant and conference areas. We have also set up public Wi-Fi access points on the business floor, which are separate from the existing, tenant networks.”

Effective collaboration

Loko IT-specialisten’s internet platform through the WTC is constructed using technology supplied by Voiceworks. “We have been in partnership with Voiceworks since 2013. We started out selling Voiceworks’ Managed Voice solutions and, in the last year, our sales in Voiceworks connections have really taken off. These connections are an essential element in the sale of our own cloud solutions. Voiceworks is an innovative company which is constantly developing new solutions and any issues are solved remarkably quickly. They are also recognised and respected by both the MKB and by larger organisations. This is ideal for us.” 

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