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Virtual Private server, or ’VPS’ in short, enables efficient handling of server capacity through the cloud. With almost no effort you can replace your expensive physical-server capacity to virtual servers in the cloud. After this you can assign the resources you need to these virtual machines.

You’ll only pay for what you use and you can, at all times, up- or downscale your server capacity. There’s no longer any need to buy, place and maintain your own physical server. You will gain full administrator privileges so you can fully dictate the set-up of your server. Through this you’ll also have full ownership of your servers’ management and can make optimal use of the applications suitable to your needs.

Virtual resources

The service will be offered to you on a modular basis which means you can manage your VPS’ resources (building blocks) to your personal preference, with an OS of your choice installed. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for every resource and it’s possible to up – or downgrade resources at all times.

Safe and reliable

Voiceworks devotes a lot of time and attention to security. Your servers will be located in a heavily secured-datacenter in the Netherlands.

Server maintenance

You can reboot, shut down or turn on your VPS from Operator Online, depending on the actual status of your server. Shutting down or rebooting your server will send a hard-stop signal to your server.

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