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‘Fixed-mobile like no-one else’

Each mobile subscription includes a complete VoIP solution. We provide 2 services for 1 fixed price. Our SIM card is an integral part of your VoIP solution. All voice functions are available for all mobiles that use Fixed-mobile. All mobiles are part of each number plan.

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White label with KPN coverage

Voiceworks lets you fully implement your brand identity. This includes SIM cards with your own logo and brand. Your company name is even displayed as the provider on your customer’s mobile phone. As a mobile provider you offer full coverage. Voiceworks mobile services are developed in close collaboration with KPN which guarantees maximum coverage in the Netherlands.

Fixed monthly revenue

Combined VoIP and mobile voice means increased revenue and margin on a monthly basis. Whatever contract cancellation term you agree with your customers, you can retain the ability to monthly cancel your Voiceworks subscription. Be creative and offer a mobile and a fixed number in a single package. The price and margin you decide.

Fixed-mobile in the mix

Sell a customer SIM cards, fixed devices or both. No strings attached, mix and match as you want. Mobile and fixed numbers may be used in different ways:
• Multiple mobile numbers per SIM card, both business and private.
• An unlimited amount of fixed numbers can be assigned to any fixed and mobile user.
• 0800, 0900, 10-20-100 number blocks can be assigned to any fixed and mobile user.
• Internal extension numbers can be assigned to any fixed and mobile user.

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Your brand, your customers, your margin, your products: no concessions.

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