Microsoft 365

Help your customer become future proof with Microsoft 365

Knowing more?

With Microsoft 365 your customer will have full access to all the powerful Microsoft tools you already know and love. These tools have been the foundation for nearly every digital business worldwide.

Office 365, included in Microsoft 365, will bring productivity to a new level, as teams can work, edit, and collaborate on projects at the same time. All the files are stored safely and securely in Microsoft’s 365 cloud, accessible – only to those with permission – on any device at any time.

With Microsoft 365 your customer will be able to lead their company toward maximum productivity and efficiency, all from one digital place.

What benefits does Micrsoft 365 bring my customer?

  • Full office 365 and Microsoft Teams included
  • One centralised system with easy-to-navigate tools
  • Your customer could operate 100% remotely – if need be
  • Secure access to important files – anywhere and anytime
  • Secure cloud based infrastructure

Enhance your customers' business

Microsoft 365 will also benefit customers’ organisation by providing improved reporting, smoother communication, and enhanced onboarding processes. Their employees will be up-to-date in no time because of the intuitive navigation of Microsoft 365.

A study from Blissfully found that on average; companies use twice as many SaaS (software) apps and tools than they think they do. By using the Microsoft 365 tools customers can say good-bye to many SaaS tools. Help customers save costs and simplify app, software, and user management.

Improved efficiency & communication

Microsoft 365 has all the necessary tools for successful business communication. It allows your customers to let their team members share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents with each other. With its real-time function, your customer is able to hold meetings while working together with their team in a document. Great for meeting productivity!

Don't let your customers' customer be an 'easy target' to hackers

Did you know that 81% of company data breaches are due to poor passwords? And according to a study from NordPass an average person uses around 100 passwords. Don’t let your customer and their employees work with many different passwords they have to remember or save in their browsers. This will lead to passwords being repetitive or many passwords saved in an unsecured place. By using the Microsoft 365 Suite your customer’s customer only needs one account to gain access to a full range of apps and tools. A practical but secure solution for any business.

Also, together with the BYOD (bring your own device) program, that’s included in the Microsoft 365 package, you and your customer will be able to trace back to the source of any data breach. A lot of organisations that had a data breach and use Microsoft 365 have been able to successfully trace the breach using this program.

Be connected on every device

Running late for a meeting and want to make small edits? Microsoft 365 is compatible with every device and has dedicated apps for each individual tool. Your customer will be able to edit those PowerPoint slides on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC or all of them in the mix however and wherever you want.

No hidden fees or costs

Your customer will automatically upgrade to the newest versions of the tools in the Microsoft 365 package. It’s a per-user basis so the cost per user is easy and transparent. Does your customer work with temps, flexible teams, or have high growth plans?  You can easily up or downscaled at any time.

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