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‘Your customers use mobile. Time to offer your own solution’

Our vision is to be able to compete with anyone. Our mobile portfolio contains all subscription types where you can service any customer. You make the difference with your customer relations. We offer a mobile service so you can maximize your added value.

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Your own complete mobile portfolio

With all types of subscriptions imaginable, service any customer with competitive rates for data, (unlimited) calls/SMS or both. Easily and quickly connect new customers. With your own SIM cards in stock, your customers can make their first call even before leaving your building. If you already invoice your customer, mobile subscriptions are conveniently on the same invoice.

Additional recurring revenue

Build your own customer base and rely on growing monthly revenue. Benefit during the entire duration of subscriptions. This includes subscription fees, usage costs and usage outside the bundle. Decide yourself which contract duration you want to offer. You can cancel your Voiceworks subscription on a monthly basis.

White label with KPN coverage

Voiceworks Mobile lets you fully implement your brand identity. This includes SIM cards with your own logo and brand. Your company name is even displayed as the provider on your customer’s mobile phone. As a mobile provider you offer full coverage. Voiceworks mobile services are developed in close collaboration with KPN which guarantees maximum coverage in the Netherlands.

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Your brand, your customers, your margin, your products: no concessions.

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