The need to be reachable on different numbers on one single phone is growing


Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks

Reachability on one phone, either business or private, is becoming the new standard. This comes also out of two interesting research documents I happened to read. According to Mobile Statistics Report 2015-2018 by Radicati Groep, in 2015 there are going to be 5,8 billion mobile users, both consumer and business. This figure is expected to grow to 6,7 billion users by the end of 2019. It is especially for business users that a dual-sim smartphone (a phone with two sim cards) comes in handy. It doesn’t surprise me that the other research I read expects sales for dual-sim smartphones to grow of 19%, from 431 million in 2015 to 514 million in 2016. This growth shows that consumers want to be reachable on different numbers, but on one single device. I think that this need is going to further increase, as reachability is an important issue for smartphone users. Everybody must be able to have one device with all their numbers, whether for private or business use. But what’s the situation for the consumer who is also a business user?

A challenge as much as a chance

Being reachable on one phone is still a challenge, especially for the business market. Companies have to keep their (tele)communication costs low while offering flexibility to their employees. Besides, most employees are less likely to be able to make private calls with their business phone.

Is it then better for them to have an extra smartphone for private use and take it regularly to the office? Carrying two phones is quite unhandy because you constantly have to check which one is ringing. Not to mention the different chargers, or which device activates in the car kit when you are driving. In short, it’s easier to be reachable on one single device for both business and private purposes, even if it’s on two different numbers.

Luckily technology is there to simplify the life of both the business user and the employer. There is indeed an alternative to dual-sim phones; that of adding extra numbers to your sim card. One device where you can smoothly switch between different numbers. So far, Voiceworks is the only telco in the Netherlands and Germany that allows for this. Users need only one device where they can insert one sim card that they can be reachable on – for example - one fixed and two mobile numbers. We offer the possibility to set preferences to your reachability for the users who want to keep business separated from private life. For example, you can route your private contacts to your voicemail during working hours. You can even share data with colleagues.

This solution also saves administrative costs. All numbers are included in one bundle, so you only need to pay for one contract. The bundle can also include the possibility of unlimited calling for a fixed amount per month. This means that you don’t need to buy a dual-sim device or a separate bundle. All costs will be included in one monthly invoice, and it’s up to the employer to agree with the employee how to share costs.

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