Voiceworks and VANAD offer an omni-channel environment for optimal customer experience


Almere, March 9 2016 – VANAD Aloha, the supplier of the similarly named cloud contact-center platform, and the innovative telecom-supplier Voiceworks, have started a cooperation to give organizations an omni-channel environment for the cloud-based services of both parties. VANAD Aloha is connected to the telephone solutions Managed Voice and Voice Connect, and is available in the Voiceworks Cloudscape.

In this day and age, client contact is an essential part of how companies distinguish themselves within the market. Despite this, many companies still have not been able to elevate their customer-contact moments. A large factor that’s stopping companies from improving their customer care is the increasingly complex technological ecosystem within companies, coupled with the large variety of communication channels that customers operate in.

Organizations need to create involvement with their customers if they want to increase brand loyalty. This involvement is the key to a successful and sustainable relationship. Linking Voiceworks’ telephony-solutions - Managed Voice and Voice Connect - to the contact-center platform VANAD Aloha supports customer-service departments in the optimization of their customer contact.

Daniel van den Hoven, director of VANAD Aloha states: ‘We’ve noticed that companies operating within the market are replacing their existing telephone and contact-center applications with cloud solutions. VANAD Aloha, in combination with Voice Connect and Managed Voice, offers Voiceworks’ Partners a state-of-the-art, total solution. Through the addition of VANAD Aloha, clients can add advanced customer-service solutions to the current Voiceworks solutions.’’

Complete cloud solution

The partnership between VANAD Aloha and Voiceworks offers the user a complete cloud solution in the field of telephony and customer service. VANAD Aloha offers a total solution with near-endless functionality for contact centers. This cloud-based contact-center platform is flexible, quick to deploy and easy to use. Incoming calls are transported through a Voice Connect connection to the VANAD Aloha platform and subsequently deployed to agents. These agents are available via a continuous audio connection through (for example) Managed Voice. Next to this there’s also supervisor functionality, in-depth forecasting, and reporting.

Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks: ‘’VANAD Aloha is the platform for ultimate customer-service and we ensure optimal reachability within organizations. Through our collaboration, clients are now getting the best of both worlds. This also increases VANAD Aloha and Voicework’s position within the customer-service market.


From now on, VANAD Aloha has been added to the Voiceworks Cloudscape, where Voiceworks’ Partners can offer this solution in a simple way, against favorable rates.

Voiceworks and VANAD Aloha support Voiceworks’ Partners in both a technical and commercial area through training sessions in the Voiceworks Academy. In order to fully support the client, VANAD Aloha and Vocieworks’ Partners will work together on both sales, implementation and further support.

Clients will also benefit from this cooperation due to both party’s international presence.

About VANAD Aloha

VANAD Aloha is an omni-channel contact-center solution that supports companies in supplying optimal customer-service. It’s a cloud solution with seamless integration options and functionality, such as: workforce management, quality management, voice recording, performance monitoring and customer-satisfaction research. VANAD Aloha supports various communication channels and - through its thorough understanding of the value of customer-service operatives - is a logical solution for Customer Engagement. VANAD Aloha is a part of the VANAD Group, the Human Engagement Company. For more information please visit http://www.vanadaloha.com.

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