Voiceworks is Diamond Sponsor of the OX Summit 2014



September 18, 2014 - Voiceworks is Diamond Sponsor of the 6th Open-Xchange Summit (OXS14). OXS14 takes place on september 18, 2014 in Munich. Over 400 Internet leaders from the hosting, telco and cable/mobile-carrier industries will come to share in unparalleled examples of how open source technology applied means business.

At the beginning of this year, Voiceworks and Open-Xchange announced their partnership to create a WebRTC based solution for efficient and more secure peer to peer chat, voice and video communications. At the OXS14 Stijn Nijhuis (CEO Voiceworks) and Koen van Geffen (CEO Voiceworks) will be introducing our innovative communications solutions on two stages simultaneously. Stijn Nijhuis will be doing the commercial presentation of these solutions while Koen van Geffen presents the technical part.


11:00am      Welcome to Summit
11:15am      Witch to Open: Why an honest Business Model is so important (Rafael Laguna, CEO Open-Xchange)
12:00am      Guest Keynote
12:45am      Lunch and Exhibition
02:00pm      Surveillance State vs. the Encryption Economy: Maintaining Customers' Trust (Christian Dawson, i2 Coalition)
02:30pm      Rolling out OX App Suite to 3 Million existing users @Ziggo (Paul Sijben, Architect Internet Communication Applications Ziggo)
02:50pm      Tech-Xchange
03:30pm      Break
04:00pm      Tech-Xchange
04:40pm      Voiceworks (Stijn Nijhuis and Koen van Geffen, CEO Voiceworks)
05:00pm      CEO Couch: Cloud-leading C-levels talk ruthlessly open
06:00pm      Bye-Bye Munich and hello..
06:15pm      Bier-Xchange

For more information and registration, visit the Open-Xchange website.

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