Voiceworks first Dutch MVNE with 4G+


Almere, 7 July 2015 – Voiceworks is the first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) in the Netherlands to offer faster mobile internet with 4G+. This new technology combines several 4G frequencies enabling a faster internet. This faster alternative to 4G has been activated in almost all major cities and it’s immediately available for all Voiceworks’ mobile contracts with a Data Pack.

Voiceworks is the only MVNE in the Netherlands to activate 4G+ for their business customers. Voiceworks uses its own mobile platform with the 4G+ radio network of KPN. Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks: “I am proud that Voiceworks is the first MVNE in the Netherlands offering 4G+. This shows our leadership in technology and time-to-market.  All users with a 4G mobile contract can immediately benefit from the 4G+ connection”.

Urban areas

The mobile network is used by more people at the same time especially in urban areas. It is in those locations that there is the need for a bigger bandwidth. Mobile data consumption has also heavily increased in the Netherlands. 4G+ is initially deployed in cities to make fast internet available to everybody in these busy areas. Voiceworks offers 4G+ in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, among others. 4G+ will be made available in other cities during the course of this year.

High speed

4G+ reaches a high speed of 225Mbit/s. This because the technology combines frequency blocks of 5MHz, each capable of delivering a speed of 37,5Mbit/s.


4G+ can be used on almost all new smartphone models, such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 4 and HTC One M9. Iphone 5 users cannot surf at 4G+ speed yet.

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