Voiceworks present at European VoIP Summit


From a small attic room to multiple countries on one continent – no one can deny that Voiceworks grows rapidly. In some markets you can offer more added value than others. In another market your profit margins might simply be higher. There are many reasons like this, and each reason for expansion will differ per company.

But what about the challenges? What creeps around the corner when you’re looking to expand internationally? Are there any hidden opportunities? This and much more will discussed at the European VoIP Summit at which Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks, will speak about expanding your business to other European countries.

The event takes place on October 11 at the Hotel Arena, Amsterdam. The first European VoIP Summit was held last year. The event came into fruition as a forum in which subject-matter experts from the VoIP industry could come together for a day to share their insights on trends, dynamics and the future of the industry. After last year’s big success, this year promises to be even better with many presentations, keynotes and panel discussions. Of course there will be ample time for networking, so hopefully we’ll get to shake your hand on the 11th.

Click here to find out more about the European VoIP Summit.


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