Voiceworks starts international expansion with acquisition of OnePhone Germany


Innovative telecom as Dutch export product

The Netherlands, Almere, January 20th, 2015 – Voiceworks, the fast growing VoIP and web technology specialist, is achieving success in the Dutch telecom world with its corporate Unified Communications (UC) and fixed-mobile-integration services from the cloud. 
The acquisition of OnePhone Germany, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), is an important step for Voiceworks and ensures local presence in Düsseldorf with a larger range throughout Germany. The acquisition by Voiceworks is independently financed from its own resources.

In recent years the business telecom provider Voiceworks has developed several innovative services, marketed to Dutch clients through its extended resellers channel of approximately 200 partners. For all services the company uses the cloud, and the far-reaching fixed-mobile-integration is an important principle of the company. Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks: "More and more companies understand the benefits of cloud telephony; it is fast, scalable, requires no initial investment and is easy to integrate with mobile telephony. OnePhone shares this vision. We see great opportunities for our services and our market approach in Germany. Through this acquisition, we are making an important step in our expansion abroad."

Telecom as a Dutch export product

Before the acquisition OnePhone was in the hands of KPN OnePhone Holding. Following the previous sale of E-Plus and this acquisition, KPN has now completely left the German market. Nijhuis: “Whereas other parties withdraw from the German market, we enter it. With this move we show that innovative telecom can also be a Dutch export product, instead of only an import product of foreign parties that settle in the Netherlands.”

German market and resellers

With the acquisition Voiceworks is not only able to serve existing German end customers, but can also focus on the further expansion and professionalization of the OnePhone partner channel. A formula that has done well in the Netherlands for Voiceworks. A white label partnership is also an opportunity for the existing OnePhone partners; a reseller gets the opportunity to put his own brand in the market to maintain and strengthen the customer relationship. Nijhuis: "The market in Germany is significantly larger. And particularly the North Rhine-Westphalia area, where OnePhone is located, has a high density of businesses. OnePhone operates on the entire German market. We need this larger scale to continue to operate as an independent party. In the Netherlands we are growing very fast and therefore it fits nicely. So, the acquisition of the German MVNO is a logical step for us." Nijhuis continues: "In addition to the tangible benefit for us, the expansion abroad has also benefits for our Dutch resellers. Now they can enter the German market as well. Resellers in the border with Germany have already expressed the wish to be able to operate in Germany. Together we can now grow even faster."


The headquarters of Voiceworks will remain in Almere, The Netherlands. And Voiceworks expresses great confidence in the German Managing Director (MD) Christoph Wichmann to lead the organization in Germany and generate more growth. He has 15 years of experience in sales and management positions for several telecom players such as AT&T and QSC in Germany. Wichmann: "The Netherlands is leading the innovative telecommunications developments and we are pleased to now be part of such a fast growing company. With the addition of the innovative services of Voiceworks we invest in a steady relationship with our resellers.
Onephone currently has 12,000 SIM cards and 100 dealers throughout Germany, and is connected to the E-Plus/O2-network. In the course of 2015 the clientele of OnePhone will be gradually integrated with the platform of Voiceworks. After which the entire Voiceworks portfolio will be launched on the German market.

About OnePhone

OnePhone is the most innovative Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Germany. The company provides SMEs in Germany with smart fully integrated telephony solutions based on the seamless integration of fixed and mobile telephony from the cloud. Since its founding in 2008, OnePhone was part of KPN OnePhone Holding until early 2015. OnePhone has a unique proposition in the German market by using pico- and femtocells for indoor coverage for customers. OnePhone is directly connected to the E-Plus/O2-network. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia. The clientele of OnePhone consists of brands such as Compass, Medica and Kopp. The company is the winner of the Best in Cloud Innovation Price 2012 of Computer Woche. For more information see: www.onephone.de


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