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Online management

‘Easily manage your customers, services, and products everywhere’

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‘Arranged online without installation nor investment’

No delay and ready to start with our all-in-one online management platform Operator. No large one-off investments needed for software or other tooling. We want you to focus on your customers and your business. Below an overview of features that are standard in Operator.

Operator log-in
Personalised branding

Operator was designed on the vision that it should feel and work like your own platform. Because your customers will be getting access via the platform to all managed services. Personalise the system and your billing with your own logo, colours and fonts.

Invoice management

Your monthly invoicing process arranged for you. Easily do ordering, invoicing and direct debits. Also get overviews of both paid and open invoices. Operator is your debit manager.

Customer Management

Customer Management is where you register all your customers and their employees. Per individual user you can easily personalize services, hardware and functionality. SEPA-authorization forms can be easily connected to each customer. And (access) rights can be defined per customer or employee.

Portfolio Management

Every service, product or feature can be combined into a new solution. Rename services or make your own products. You define the prices, contract terms and names. Making your own unique proposition is in your own hands.

Service Management

Each service that you sell and active for your customers can be easily modified. For all services easily configure, upgrade, downgrade, change and cancel; from fixed-mobile subscriptions to internet connectivity.

Hardware webshop

Use the webshop to order hardware. Whether desk devices, DECT phones, routers, headsets, switches and SIM cards. The device buttons and configuration of each phone have been pre-configured for our voice services features.

Services order wizard

Simply follow the steps to easily create managed services, users, phone numbers and invoicing rules. In addition from here you can assign devices to users or groups. The order wizard prepares all the services for a new delivery.

Online postcode check

Our online postcode checker provides an overview of all available connectivity and providers for any address. Will you opt for the lowest price or do you prefer a premium brand? Is VDSL sufficient or is fibre a must? See in one overview the options for your customer. Additionally an ISRA check is available to provide optimum advice.

Customer service tool

Our ticketing system enables you to ask anything or report issues directly to our partner support. Every request gets as a ticket a reference number, subject and status overview. If we are processing multiple enquiries, one status overview is provided. You can also implement this system into your own customer service and make available for your customers.

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