First class VoIP and fixed mobile for on-premises PBX

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‘The most reliable SIP trunking’

Should a service element fail, SIP trunking always works. In short, if maximum availability is required for your customers, our VoIP and fixed mobile trunks are the right solution. But this is just the beginning. Below is an overview of the most important features.

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Redundant implementation

When a service element fail the SIP trunk service still functions

Fixed mobile

Our unique technology brings the PBX and the mobile users together. A softphone work around is not needed.

Secured calling

Calls can be secured, so that 3rd parties can’t intercept them.


To stop unauthorized 3rd party usage, whitelisting can be set up so that outbound calling only works with your own IP addresses.


The administrator can decide which number shall be shown with outgoing calls.

Calamities and Outages

To guarantee the continuity and availability in the event of calamity (e.g. an outage in your PBX or broadband connection), there is option to automatically route incoming calls to an alternative location.

Traffic monitoring

We offer the option to monitor all your usage and in required receive mail notifications or to block calls. This means you can avoid unwanted usage and costs.

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