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‘Because Voice alone no longer services the customer’

74% of organisations regularly uses voice combined with chat. If you don’t act on this, customers find alternatives (e.g. WhatsApp). But this does not ensure that the (personal) data of your customer is stored safely. A secure chat environment is the first step towards becoming a full-service provider for modern communication.


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Chat increases collaboration and productivity

Chat is a standard part of our Unified Communications solution – without extra cost. Voice with chat is a powerful means of communication:
– Distraction decreases employee performance up to 20%. Employees find chat less distractive than phone calls.
– Availability status is visible. Employees can choose best time to interact when they are available.
– Group chat stimulates employees to better work together, also between departments.
– See text and voice messages, files and photos stored in a single timeline. Sharing information happens quickly and easily.

Visible customer satisfaction with video and dashboards

Over 35% of organisations indicate a strong preference for being able to see a support employee. Almost 63% is more likely to return to a company that offers video chat with sales staff. Video chat is a means to make your company more personal. Also screen sharing functionality reduces the duration and cost per call for customer service. We offer real-time insights to managers and supervisors through a dashboard.

Have your customers close more deals using video presentations

Facial expressions and body language make up 30% to 50% of communication. Sales departments working with video calls close more deals on average because they offer non-verbal communication. Did you client have a successful meeting? Don’t have them email a quotation; introduce video calling instead. Your clients can test reservations there and then, using both their eyes and ears. Ask your client how the sales department has been communicating with customers and work together to find out how you can improve the interaction.

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Softphones, DECT and desk phones

Saving costs for your customers is easily done with softphones, as no one-off expenses are needed for desk phones, wiring, installation and PoE switches. However, some users prefer using desk phones. Also, a softphone isn’t always practical in the canteen or warehouse, for instance. With our solution there is no need to do concessions. Anything is possible, so you can always offer a suitable solution to your customers.

‘Your brand, your customers, your margin, your products: no concessions.’

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